Top New Space Tech Startups


Space exploration is a rapidly emerging field. There are many new space tech startups developing innovative technology to explore and utilize the space that surrounds Earth, with some of these developments being more practical than others. Take for example NASA’s new project called Orion: it will be carrying humans on an uncrewed mission around our Moon in 2020 as part of its Artemis program initiative which aims to send astronauts back up into deep space once again by 2024 (although this particular iteration has been delayed). Here are some promising startup companies to look for in the upcoming years.

New Space Tech Startups
New Space Tech Startups

Get Data Fast With Infostellar

As an emerging space-faring nation, Japan’s Infostellar has had to overcome many challenges in getting the government and industry on board. Now they’re finding success with new ground segment services that help satellites access stations from around the world through one API application. StellarStation is a third party station sharing surplus capacity with other companies looking for reliable service providers at reasonable rates making it easier for them to improve their services as well.

With 99% uptime and best practices of security, this solution helps any company trying to get ahead in outer space by giving them what they need without having to worry about compatibility or availability issues.

Mu Space Satellite Communications

Mu Space pioneered the latest in-flight connectivity technology, which offers satellite communication and self-stabilizing IFC antennae to allow for signals from a moving aircraft. The startup also provides solutions that include wide coverage over flight routes with satellites as well as monitoring remote locations on land or at sea.

ENPULSION Modular Thrusters

Swiss-based company, ENPULSION, has developed a small nano-thruster to power space missions in the future. The IFM Nano Thruster technology is based on field emission electric propulsion (FEEP) and can be controlled by electrode voltage levels for excellent thrust control. Additionally, because it’s modular design makes customizing easier for mission purposes such as orbit insertion or docking with satellites

Austrian startup company ENPULSION manufactures electric propulsion systems that are perfect candidates for powering up all of our futuristic space endeavors; from launching rockets into outer space to maneuvering near Earth’s atmosphere and beyond!

Mission-ready Communications By CesiumAstro 

CesiumAstro is out to make it easier for satellite, launch vehicle, drone and other space-borne or airborne platforms to communicate with one another. They have a variety of options that can be customized depending on the needs of your project. The SBC1461 is an all in 1 solution including processor, mass storage device as well as multiple data interfaces if necessary.

It operates at LEO by design which means you get access even when orbiting our planet’s atmosphere!

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