Some Crazy Facts you Never Knew About Space


Did you know that the moon is in a constant state of decay? The Earth’s gravity pulls on it and causes its surface to crack, creating new craters. This prevents any life from being able to form or grow since this extreme pressure would crush anything living instantly.
I never knew all these facts about space! We’ve compiled a list of some of the wildest facts about space, you never knew before!

Facts about space
Facts about space

Diamond Planet

Have you ever dreamed of visiting a planet made out of diamonds? Well, according to scientists, the most likely scenario for 55 Cancri e is that it’s completely covered in graphite and diamond. Scientists predict paying visits will require $12 million space suits but they’re not ruling anything out just yet!

A Day on Venus is a Year Here

Every 243 days, Venus reaches the same position in its orbit as it did 18 Earth-days ago. This means that when there are 225 – (243 x 2) = 183 days left until a new cycle starts on Venus’ calendar, every day will be like an equinox for us here on Earth!

Venus has one of the slowest spinning axes ever observed by humans and takes about 3 years to complete 360 degrees with each rotation taking only 5 hours. The orbital period around the Sun is 224 earth days which leads to such things as seeing sunrises or sunsets twice per year depending if you’re facing towards or away from sunrise respectively.

More Stars Than Grains of Sand

Remember the first time you made a sand castle, and dug through all that wet little granules of dirt? It took days to build up enough sand just for one measly tower.

The same thing goes with space! There are so many stars out there, we can’t even count them all- like grains in an infinite number of galaxies. Scientists estimate roughly 1 septillion (1 thousand million billion) – or as much as 7 quintillion (7 quadrillion), five hundred quadrousand points of light shining across our sky at night.

Blue Sunsets on Mars

Sunsets on Mars would be even more spectacular than sunrises, according to NASA. The dust in the atmosphere makes the blue part of the sky much more visible as you watch from Earth and during normal daylight hours when it is impossible not to notice a rusty color coming off this red planet.

A million Earths for one Sun

The Sun is larger than any other star in our galaxy and scientists estimate that if a million Earths were smashed together, they would fill the surface of the sun. If we imagine 960 thousand spherical Earths sitting side by side on top of each-other like oranges at your local supermarket then it becomes easier to visualise just how big this number really is.

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The Most Expensive Suit

In a time when tensions are high between the US and Russia, it’s refreshing to know that two nations can come together for space exploration. In order to fly on board one of NASA’s spacecraft or Soyuz rockets into orbit around Earth (or even travel deeper out), astronauts must wear an expensive space suit designed specifically for outer-space conditions—and these suits are starting to show their age.

The price tag of $12 million might seem steep, but not so fast! While 70% is spent on the backpack and control module at $8m apiece, this still leaves plenty left over in terms of making sure our future spacemen have all they need once floating outside.

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Silent Space

There’s no sound in space. After all, there is definitely nothing to carry the sounds waves – it has been said that “outer space isn’t silent at all”.
Wondering what this means for astronauts? They will have a hard time communicating with one another without any noise pollution!

Hottest Planet

Ever wonder what the hottest planet is? It’s not Mercury, as you might think. Venus has an average surface temperature of around 450° C! You would actually expect a planet closer to the sun like Mercury to be hotter than one farther out such as Earth or Mars but it turns out that there are some major factors in play when determining how hot planets get.

The atmosphere plays a huge role by regulating temperatures and producing storms which could expose parts of its surface while protecting other areas from extreme heat- for example, with no atmosphere on Venus, anything at ground level will burn up due to strong solar winds coming directly down onto your body without any protection; meanwhile on Earth where we have our own protective ozone layer absorbing ultraviolet radiation before they hit us head on!