7 Everyday Items That Were Inventions for Space


In just a few years, there will be an increase in space-related inventions tImagine the world before technology was as advanced as it is today. We had to wait for letters and phone calls, people still drove cars manually instead of autopilot mode, etc. Now imagine what life would be like without space programs! Space exploration has led to inventions that we use daily in our everyday lives.

Space Inventions That are on the Rise
Everyday tools that were invented for space

Smoke detectors 

In the event of a fire, NASA has been developing new ways to protect your space environment. With sensitivity levels that adjust automatically and an early warning system for noxious gases, you´ll be safe in any situation. The same technology is also used here on Earth with home smoke detectors based off those created by NASA for Skylab: America’s first US space station!

Memory foam 

NASA was in search of a lightweight and affordable material to use for aircraft seats that would help lessen the impact during landings. A team from NASA’s Ames Research Center came up with an innovative idea: create open-cell, polurethane-silicon plastic! It has been very popular among consumers because it provides shock absorbency while being lightweight and inexpensive; this is now used by many people as mattresses.

NASA was looking for new materials to be used on their aircrafts so they could have lighter weight designs which would also reduce the cost of fuel needed per mile travelled due to less air resistance when travelling at high speeds over long distances. They found that durable yet light polymer plastics were perfect candidates for such applications.

Satellite navigation 

What if there was no longer a need to buy an expensive paper map? What would that mean for the environment, and your wallet? NASA Communications Satellites are able to use their signals of radio waves to communicate with people on Earth. This enables you not only make long-distance phone calls but also go anywhere without ever using those old fashioned things called maps!

Even before humans were sent into space, NASA built satellites that could communicate with people on the ground. Today’s more refined versions enable us to make long-distance phone calls and drive our cars right where we want by just following directions from satellite navigation systems in today’s world.

Shoe Insoles 

The Apollo missions proved that the spacesuit design of their time was top notch as it even features specially designed boots made to give astronauts a spring in every step they took. The technology has since been adapted by various athletic shoe companies, so now you can get an added boost from your shoes when running or playing basketball thanks to NASA’s genius idea! Neil Armstrong had no clue how right he was about “One giant leap for mankind” with this one little detail adding up and giving us extra lift.

Ear Thermometers 

The infrared technology that NASA used to measure the temperature of stars can now be found in your ear. Invented by a company, an infrared sensor is stuck inside an ear thermometer and uses this data for measuring how much energy your eardrum emits into the canal. Hospitals have incorporated these new tools for taking temperatures under two seconds; you’re welcome!

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Scratch-resistant Lenses 

The optical industry quickly seized on NASA’s new process to make eyeglasses ten times more scratch-resistant than before. This was because space environments contain dirt and particles that can damage astronauts’ helmet visors, so it is important for their lenses to be completely resistant.

Tap Water Filters 

These apparently simple items trickle down from NASA’s need to cleanse water on long space flights. And why did they need to do that? Well, there are no taps in space! The recycled drinking water is for astronauts’ consumption and not just because it tastes better when mixed with a few other things (just like the way we all have our own favorite flavor of ice cream).

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