Traveling Pods Could Solve City Traffic Issues


People in cities around the world are complaining about traffic congestion.

Traffic is a problem for people living in city’s across the globe, but some have it worse than others. In New York City and London, drivers spend an average of 2 hours each day commuting to work which takes up valuable time that could be spent doing other things like spending quality family time or working on hobbies outside of their 9-5 job schedules.

Traveling Pods Could Solve City Traffic Issues
Futuristic pods can save us time

In June, uSky Transport opened the world’s first 400-meter test line in Sharjah. This was a major accomplishment for both companies as they hope this will be just one of many future successes together.

The pods are designed to feel like a first-class airline suite, complete with mood lighting and floor-to-ceiling windows. It has two padded armchairs as well as four foldable seats that can accommodate up to four passengers at once.

Saving time doesn’t have to be uncomfortable

This sky pod system is a new and innovative way to transport people through the city. The pods are elevated, which means they go over traffic jams instead of being slowed down by them like regular cars or buses do.

This new transportation alternative may be comparable in many ways to monorails that have been seen before; however, one major difference between this unique design innovation and any other type of pre-existing public transit option is that these “sky pods” will not add an extra layer onto already existing infrastructure but rather provide relief for those who often find themselves stuck in bumper-to-bumper gridlock on their daily commute — it’s all about going above ground!

Future Expansion

In the near future, uSky is looking to establish a 2.4 kilometer (1.5 mile) line in Sharjah that will be able to test passenger and cargo pods together on one network at high speeds. The idea here isn’t just about showing how people can transport themselves or their goods faster; it’s also underscoring the importance of creating networks where these items are interchangeable for everyday commuters who need them both—and they’ll all still get there safely with this new system!

Later this year, uSky plans to build a 2.4-kilometer (1 1/2-mile) line in Sharjah that would allow us not only show how passengers could take advantage of our pod technology but demonstrate what integrating cargo

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