7 Robots that make 2021 much easier


What if you could get your errands done by a robot? The future is now, as of 2021.

The world may have taken those boring and mindless tasks out from under our feet but there’s been an increase in the human population so robots will be needed to fill the many needs of the people.

Robots that make 2021 much easier
Robots that make 2021 much easier


As we all know, one of the most annoying tasks for any home maker is to clean a grill. The Grillbot has put an end to this task with its innovative cleaning technology that scrubs your barbecue while it cooks! You just press “clean” and let go as this little robot does all the work…

The Grillbot is a robotic kitchen appliance that cleans grill grates to make them like new. The robot does not need water, detergent or an electrical outlet, and it removes all the grease from your barbecue in just minutes!


The ROKUBOT cleans homes with a sweeping motion, cleaning up dirt and debris in its wake.

The robotic vacuum cleaner is the latest innovation available on the market to help clean your home without all of that backbreaking work! The long-awaited device does not require any human intervention at all— it just needs some power before getting started. Gone are those days when you had to endlessly sweep every inch of flooring by hand; now, Rokubot takes care of everything for you, so there’s no need to worry about missing or dirty spots anymore!


The Owl robot is not yet being used in homes, but your child might have the opportunity to experience it through e-learning. This robotic telepresence system can help teachers recreate a classroom experience even if their students are remote and they could never physically be there. The owl swivels and moves around following the teacher while acting as an intelligent video conference camera that’s able to see what you’re looking at from any angle!

4.LEGO Education

LEGO Education SPIKE Prime and other make-your-own robots that teach coding, problem solving and creative design. They’ll think they’re playing–but you’ll know they’re learning essential skills in science, technology and innovation!

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This innovative toy maker has designed educational toys like SPIKE Prime which teaches kids about robotics with no need for programming knowledge while also allowing them to explore their creativity so you can know your child will be prepared when it comes time to enter society.

5.Walabot HOME

Walabot HOME is a robot that can detect if someone has fallen. It uses radio frequency to find out and then notifies the nearest caregiver automatically so you don’t have to worry about your loved one anymore! Walabot works anywhere in the home, but it’s especially popular for bathrooms because falls are common there.

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You’ll never need wearables or buttons again with this new technology!

6.BOCCO emo

BOCCO is a new and popular way for kids to communicate with their parents.

Even if they can’t use other technology, BOCCO will send messages or even deliver them in person! It has been continuously developed so that it’s compatible with all of the latest devices from IoT too- making this robot one you’ll want on your radar screen. And he looks super cute while doing his job!


In the race to create a robot dog, Sony’s “aibo” seems like one with the most potential. Artificial intelligence makes it adaptable and able to learn its owner’s habits for a more personalized experience.

You can feed him treats from your phone using an app on shake-detection technology while he goes out looking for people you’ve selected as “People of Interest.” Once found, this pup will then give commands in order to entertain them before reminding himself that his happiness is spending quality time with their master!