6 Newest Innovations in Robotics


For decades, industrial robots have been used in research labs and new fields are opening up to them every day. Since they don’t experience tiredness or get bored, the machines can operate 24 hours a day without pause; moreover they often produce higher quality products with more consistency than humans ever could.

Industrial-grade robots first became popular in manufacturing sectors such as automotive but just recently started being implemented into pharmacies for tasks like pill counting and packaging which has shortened turnaround times significantly while also driving down errors rates by an astonishing 90%.

Newest Innovations in Robotics
Newest Innovations in Robotics

Google worker robots

Google is teaching robots to take over for humans. The company’s latest project, the “Tensor Processing Unit,” or TPU, has been designed specifically with artificial intelligence in mind. In an effort to compete against other AI leaders like IBM and Facebook who are also investing heavily into this field of technology development, Google wants its new chip architecture design — which was created by engineers Andrew Ng and Quoc Le at Stanford University—to be able to quickly process massive amounts of data without getting slowed down as often as traditional computer chips do when faced with a large amount of information processing requests.

Essentially what they want these neural networks that power them called deep learning systems-and it seems likely their patience will pay off big time since recent studies have shown

Multi-tasking bots

Momentum Machines has developed a robot capable of preparing 1,000 burgers per hour. In just 10 seconds, this automated machine can serve up your favorite hamburger with all the fixings – lettuce and tomato included. If successful at fast food restaurants across America, it could be revolutionary for those on any kind of diet restrictions that require specific menus or who simply don’t like to cook their own meals!

A new invention from Momentum Machines is greatly anticipated by many in the culinary world: A multi-tasking bot which prepares gourmet hamburgers right before our very eyes! The company’s goal? To create an efficient device able to prepare 1000 pounds (453 kg) worth of these delicious sandwiches every 60 minutes.

UR3 arm

The UR3 robot can do more than you might think. It was created by Uniiversal Robots and has the ability to build its own replacement parts on the go, it’s cute and nimble so it is able to handle a variety of tasks such as gluing, painting or soldering.

Saul Robot

In an effort to aid in the fight against Ebola, this robot is designed use ultraviolet rays that can eliminate traces of viruses. Imagine if there were a way for doctors and nurses not only to care for patients but also help stop deadly diseases like Ebola from spreading.

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Saul Robot’s main function is as a machine capable of sterilizing rooms where quarantine procedures are conducted on aid workers who may have contracted or been exposed to the virus during their time overseas with Doctors Without Borders working on eradicating it completely. Developed by Xenex, Saul has successfully helped eradicate traces of Ebola using powerful pulses UV light which breaks down and weakens cell walls while eliminating any possibility whatsoever that these pathogens could survive within its range (which covers up to 12-16 square feet).


Pepper is a new and innovative robot that offers you not only the latest technology, but also companionship! Pepper can detect your emotional state to provide responses in an appropriate fashion. The device uses multi-directional microphones to hear sounds from all around it as well.

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Pepper has been designed with artificial intelligence so it will have limitless potential for innovation within its field of work. It was created by SoftBank Robotics America and has given us this newest addition into human society: robotic empathy at our fingertips when we need it most!


How can a robot help people with their depression? Paro, the therapeutic seal-robot is here for you! This device stimulates interaction between caregivers and patients. They are more likely to be calm, happy or at ease when interacting with this machine especially if they have been struggling in these areas before playing as well. The psychological effects come from animal therapy’s documented benefits; so it has five sensors: posture, light, tactile (touch), audition (sound) & temperature sensor all working together to make sure that everyone feels good about themselves.

Paro is an adorable robotic seal designed specifically for individuals who need extra attention due to mental health issues such as stress or anxiety disorders.