TCL Foldable Smartphone Changes Plans In 2021


According to sources, the mega electronics company TCL has announced a flip on original plans for 2021. Another large company having to make extra cuts to product line due to COVID-19 affects. TCL didn’t just stop the show, they have a plan in mind. TCL Foldable Smartphone has been delayed for now.

TCL Mobile Phones

Sources have confirmed that the mega electronics company TCL has announced a flip on original plans for 2021. It’s unknown what this means, but it seems like more companies are having difficulties in adapting due to COVID-19 affecting their product lineups and sales numbers significantly. The Foldable Smartphone from them? Well we’ll just have wait until 2020 before trying out some prototypes!

TCL Plans to release a cheaper foldable phone in 2021. This will make them more affordable foldable TCL devices while slightly cheaper to produce. It was a difficult decision for TCL to make about a prime release as Samsung Galaxy Z Fold, Flip 3 also begin making their debut. The COVID-19 pandemic has had a brutal impact to businesses across the globe. With the TCL Foldable Smartphone on the waiting list, we are waiting to hear the next release date.

TCL, the fifth largest phone manufacturer in China has released a cheaper foldable smartphone that will be more affordable than their current devices. As consumers shift away from large phones and toward smaller models like Samsung Galaxy Z Fold or Flip 3 – which are both premier releases for this year but have been delayed due to COVID-19 pandemic impacts on business across Asia Pacific regions– it was difficult decision making during my interview with Mr Geng about when we should expect new product release dates (which you can read here). We’re patiently waiting out what seems like an eternity until 2021 comes around again; after all these years since releasing his first smartwatch back at CES 2017 he seemed confident enough telling me “I know whereof I speak.”