Why is California suing Activision Blizzard?


Today, the state of California filed a lawsuit against Activision claiming the video game development company allowed improper sexual-harassment and violated Californians equal pay laws.


The California state lawsuit was filed in the Los Angeles Superior Court claiming Activision blizzard pays men more than women and Fires women much higher rates than men.

The game development agency is also being accused of practicing methods that particularly impact women of color.

The suit also alleges women working at Activision Blizzard were subject to constant sexual harassment including groping, comments and advances.

This California lawsuit against Activision alleges women choosing to work we’re subject to sexual-harassment, from groping, sexual gestures and more.

“All employers should ensure that their employees are being paid equally and take all steps to prevent discrimination, harassment, and retaliation,” said Kevin Kish, director of the Department of Fair Employment and Housing, in a statement. “This is especially important for employers in male-dominated industries, such as technology and gaming.”

Kevin Kish

Activision claims it’s working with investigators and allegations were based on old accusations made many years ago. They are working hard to build opportunities and incorporating everyone with a gaming passion as a leading industry performer.

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