Analogue Pocket preorders delayed until December 2021


Today analogue pocket announced another delay due to COVID-19 restrictions. The $199 classic analog like console for gamers on the go has seen multiple delays since early 2020.

analogue pocket
The Analogue Pocket

With Many Most Preordered Game Boy cartridges and systems such as Neo Geo Pocket Color & Game Gear scheduled for late December of 2021. Analogue Pocket preorders should be back on track.

Its certainly a more common story these days for companies getting impacted by COVID-19 restrictions. Whether shortages in chips, or staff, it getting harder to keep up with the demand.

Analogue did issue out a statement about Analogue Pocket preorders saying

“Due to new Covid restrictions with our assembly partners, their capacity to deliver within our agreed timeframe has been affected.”


The Analogue Pocket company also talked about after holidays are over that all pocket & pocket accessories restocked. Maybe we get lucky and can get the Analogue Pocket before Christmas!