Amazon’s Beta New World MMO crashes $1,500 Nvidia GPUs


Amazon is reporting the game is safe, but is working on patching based on a few reports of crashed graphics cards.

Earlier that day, a verified Amazon customer support rep reported an issue with Nvidia RTX 3090 series. With GPU reaching 100% In the first few hours, it was not a good start for Amazon and it’s beta expectations. Amazon developers recommended turning off the overrides in the drivers settings. Setting max frame rate inside the Nvidia control panel, which is default to let the game dictate in game frame rate limiting.

With a report coming through the New World sub Reddit after users posted about did RTX 3090 cards. There were even more crashed GPU reports coming from Twitter the following days.

A rather sticky situation, rare in modern technology times. modern GPUs have A list of failsafe’s to protect the card from overheating, or clocking extremely high rates. Hence it’s fairly common to overclock even average GPUs without fear of burning them up.

Obviously, these GPU thresholds did not protect against Amazons new world MMO beta testing. Power spikes and overheating issues lead technicians scrambling for answers for many hours. The final verdict was New World MMO beta allowed“ frame rates in menu screens. Pushing way too much juice through the VRM’s, completely frying high-end GPUs within hours.

This is certainly not the first GPU crisis the gaming industry has introduced early on in beta testing. A few years ago StarCraft 2 delivered some similar effects

If you plan on playing the New World MMO by Amazon during its beta, be sure to start off cautious. Cap frame rates, underclock your GPU and even limit power if possible. This still doesn’t guarantee that you will not blow an expensive high-end GPU.

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