7 Awesome Things Your PS5 Can Do


The new PlayStation 5 is finally here, and it’s bringing with it a whole slew of features that we can’t wait to explore. From next-gen graphics rendering modes to enhanced AI gameplay settings for single player games, the PS5 will redefine how video game worlds are experienced by gamers all around!

Awesome Things Your PS5 Can Do
Awesome Things Your PS5 Can Do

Detachable Stand

Sony has learned from the mistakes of past consoles, and one way they’ve done this is by making the PS5’s positioning stand detachable. That means you can attach it to your TV or wall however best suits your home entertainment feng shui–PS5 included!

You can now use your PS5 as a monitor for any other device, such as an iPad or phone. The stand is modular and detachable from the base panel of the console; just unscrew it with a screwdriver! With only five minutes (and some patience), you’ll be able to position your screen vertically, horizontally- whatever suits you best on this sleek black frame.

Use your old DualShock 4s

Whether you’re looking for a good, couch co-op game to play with friends and family or on your own after everyone has gone to bed, it’s important not to throw out any of those DualShock 4s just yet! If the only controller you have is broken or if they are all charging at one time while playing games online by yourself because your friend isn’t home as often anymore like before when he was living in his mom’s basement.

Don’t toss away that old DualShock 4 device even though most people already have their new PlayStation Pro controllers – there might be some great highs coming up soon for them too!

Game Boost auto-enhances PS4 games

Sony’s Game Boost technology will change the way you play old games. The PS5 is capable of automatically remastering backwards compatible PS4 games without any developer input, and it all happens in real-time. You’ll be able to jump into your favorite game from years ago on a new console with better graphics that are upscaled for modern TVs or enjoy completely reworked visuals if they have been updated since their release date – just like Sony did when upgrading Shadow of Colossus for its 20th anniversary last year!

The PlayStation 5 won’t just offer gamers upgraded gameplay experiences, but also vastly improved graphics as well: whether you want sharper images at home or higher quality textures while out on your next adventure outside the comfort zone.

Stream your backwards compatible titles

PS5 owners can stream their PS4 games to the new system without taking up any space on your hard drive thanks to a nifty PlayStation feature. You’ll need both systems running on wifi so that’s something you may want to set up now if not already in place, but otherwise this is an excellent way of enjoying all those old and popular titles available for backward compatibility as well!

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Chat without a headset using the DualSense mic

The DualSense controller is an upgrade in more ways than one. Not only does it feature a microphone for chatting to friends, but the touchpad on the back of the controller was upgraded from capacitive with limited features to pressure sensitive and fully functional so that gamers will be able enjoy that level of control they were looking for without any hiccups or frustrations.

In addition to having all these great new additions like chat through voice recognition software as well as two clicks right below your thumbs which can work hand-in-hand with rumble motors, there are also some other awesome accessories coming soon such as magnetic attachments for increased convenience while playing games where you’ll never have another cord getting tangled up again!

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DualSense’s light bar

The DualSense controller’s touchbar now not only sends more information to the user, but also shows their status during couch co-op sessions. The number of lights at the top will tell which player you are in game depending on how many lit up from left to right, so players can stay informed without needing a second screen or TV!

Another new feature of the Dual Sense Controller is its revamped Touch Bar that has been updated with an improved lighting system and features your Player Status for Couch Co-Op Sessions. One such piece of information it displays is where within this playing field does each person belong when going head to head? With just one glance at what’s happening onscreen while working together as a team, both gamers have access to crucial data to get the job done.

Ps5 New Create Button

While it’s still early, the DualShock 4’s Share Button has been replaced by a Create button. This new feature is meant to give developers more creative control over their games and will allow gamers themselves to share content from within the game or just for fun!