5 Ways to Keep Your Computer From Overheating


If you are a heavy user of technology, then the concern for how to make sure that the device continues running without any technical malfunctions is understandable. The number one cause for this issue? Overheating. Here is a few ways to keep your computer from overheating.

Keep Your Computer From Overheating
Keep Your Computer From Overheating

1. Keep the computer vents unblocked

When there are fans inside your computer, it can help the machine to cool itself down. Keeping these vents clear is necessary for proper air circulation in and out of the system.

If this process is hindered by obstructions like blankets or pillows on which you rest your laptop while watching TV, then overheating will be inevitable as hot air cannot escape fast enough from clogged ventilation mechanisms near its surface area.

2. Turn the computer off

You don’t have to worry about your computer overheating if you shut it down. Computers need rest, just like people do!

One of the easiest ways for a person or machine to cool off is by shutting them completely and letting them sleep so they can be fresh when work starts all over again in the morning (or whenever).

3. Change settings to improve computer performance

Recent studies have shown that computers overheat more quickly than desired. To avoid this, you may want to research your computer’s specific model and adjust its settings for performance.

This will help reduce pressure on the internal components of your device while also cutting down on overheating to keep it running smoothly longer!

4. Don’t use programs the use a lot of CPU

When your computer is running a lot of programs that use CPU, the internal components need to work hard. Sometimes too hard- so much that it overheats and stops working properly!

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Like when runners lose steam after sprinting for several miles, if you’re frequently using heavily CPU demanding applications on your device then its internal parts will be forced to do heavy lifting over time which can cause heat buildup and lead to malfunction.

5. Keep computer vents and fans clean

Dust and other debris can block airflow in your computer, which causes it to overheat. If you don’t have the right tools for cleaning up dust from inside your laptop or desktop PC’s vents and fans, simply find a cotton swab around this house like one of those used on dinnerware before they go into the dishwasher.

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If not already done by someone else (perhaps as part of a routine maintenance), if there is too much dirt build-up blocking air flow through vent holes near where heat emanates outwards then overheating will occur with ensuing data corruption that may require significant time invested retrieving lost information restored back onto an external storage device such as USB flash drive or hard disk contact lensing system such as RAID 5 array configuration.


If you’re going to be using your laptop for an extended period of time, make sure that it is in a well ventilated area. Place the laptop on either its left or right side so that air can easily circulate around and through it. If possible prop up the back legs with something like a phone book or some books – this will also allow more airflow underneath as most laptops have vents at their bottoms which are usually blocked when being used flat-on-the desk (or hard floor). We hope these tips and tricks will help you improve the quality and lifespan of your laptop. Remember to take good care of your tools!