Top 9 Items that should be on your desk


There are many items that we use at our desks every day, to make work easier and more efficient. These Top 10 Items should be on your desk:

Items that should be on your desk
Items that should be on your desk

1. A USB hub

When you need to charge your phone and the laptop at the same time, a USB hub is what you’re going to want.

When it’s crunch time in every department of life but there are so many devices that need charging – one for this, two for that- there is only thing left: A USB Hub! This device has several ports which mean no more power cords tangled up around each other on top of everything else just another item making an already complicated situation even worse. Plug all those electronics into their designated hubs now and then figure out how they work later when not as exhausted from trying to keep them charged throughout busy days (or late nights).

2. Good Headphones

You need to be able to focus, right? If you’re in a quiet office environment and working on important tasks for work, it’s essential that the task at hand doesn’t get interrupted by an off sound. Make sure your headphones are reliable so when they break (or if someone is trying to talk with you) then there will still be some form of distraction-free peace! Wireless headphones are a more modern way to listen to music, and they’re perfect for work settings.

Wireless headsets don’t have wires that tangle around your desk or computer monitor – you can wear them anywhere within the range of about 30 feet. With Bluetooth technology there is no need for cords so it’s really easy just plug in these devices (which typically charge through USB) and start listening!

2. A Good Laptop Stand

If you need to be productive at work, a laptop stand can help. It’s the perfect way to have your computer screen in just the right position for whatever project or task is on hand. Laptops are great but they’re not made with productivity in mind; many of them lack keyboards and other input devices that make it easier to type and faster if done correctly!

Thankfully, there are easy fixes like buying an external keyboard which usually come along with extra USB ports for plugging-in all kinds of hardware peripherals as well. If you have the right laptop stand, you can skip the extra keyboard and sit comfortably with your laptop right in front of you, at the perfect level.

3. Portable Heater

If you work in a large office with few windows, your body temperature can start to drop- thereby making it harder for you to focus. If this is the case, investing in a portable heater might be worth considering!

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If you have a bitter cold work area you need to stay warm. A good portable heater for this is the Dream Heater ECO-1800! It’s so quiet yet it has high heat output, its easy on energy with an automatic shut off timer function when set at maximum performance mode if you forget about your heating needs or get interrupted by something like getting calls from clients while using the phone in your office space. This saves money not only because of having less waste but also due to lower power consumption which makes things more economical overall as well as safer for people who might be around fire hazards.

4. Clip-on Fan

A clip-on fan is the perfect addition to your cubicle for those hot afternoons when you need a quick refresher. It takes up little space and is especially great if you have limited desk room or are in an area with no windows, like storage units, offices without air conditioning, etc. One of these fans can keep coworkers from going crazy too because it helps create some semblance of breeze so that people don’t feel claustrophobic!

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The best clip on fans are now available in different colors and sizes! You can find an option that matches any office’s needs when it comes down to cooling off during these summer months. With so many options available today, why not pick up something new?

5. Flash Drive

Finding an appropriate USB storage device which meets your needs can be time-consuming and frustrating, but there are ways to simplify this process considerably. One such method would involve looking into consumer reviews of popular models in order to find out what people like about them or dislike after extensive use with their own devices – it may also help you pinpoint features they did/didn’t mention specifically at all so you don’t end up settling on one because “it looked cool!”.

The best flash drive for work is the 32GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.1 Flash Drive, which can store up to 16 hours worth of music or video in 1080p HD quality on just one device! It’s a must-have gadget for today’s workers who need access to their files from anywhere and like listening to tunes while they’re working.

6. Staple-less Stapler

A good, staple-less stapler for work is one of the most underrated office supplies out there. It’s a quick and easy way to put together stacks of paper without worrying about getting it jammed up with staples or bent over from an excess amount that can’t be removed through shaking or pulling. The tool even comes in three different colors: black, silver, and white so you don’t have to worry about matching your desk color scheme!

The best of these are durable enough that they can do the job on thick stacks of paper without breaking or bending out staples. They provide professional looking results in seconds with no mess!

7. Desk Coasters

Looking for a good coaster to use at work? Are you tired of leaving heat marks and coffee stains on your expensive desk?

A 4 pack of coasters is perfect! The cork material helps keep tables free from scratches, spills, and ring marks while also being easy on wrists with its soft texture. Plus they come in fun colors like green which are great when paired with plants near desks!

8. Storage for you headphones

It’s hard to find a good place for your work headphones. They’re too big and bulky, so they get in the way if left out or around (plus you might not remember where you put them).

So when it comes time to pack up at the end of long day, there are always those few minutes spent searching frantically under desks and between papers before realizing that no matter how many times we tell ourselves “I’ll just hang my headphone on this nail” – don’t do it! Store your headphones on an installable hook, under your desk or on the closest wall.

9. Desktop Vacuum

People who work in offices may have a lot of desk clutter, and it can be hard to keep their space clean. Luckily there are plenty of vacuum cleaners out there that will help make the job easier!

After all this time we’ve been working at our jobs, do you ever feel like your desk is cluttered? Well if so don’t worry because many office vacuums exist for just such an occasion. This product helps us clear up some space while also keeping things tidy even when stray papers or crumbs get left behind on accident every once in awhile.