Business Marketing Through Twitter


If you want to have a successful Twitter account, it’s important that you understand the basics of how this social media platform works.

Business Marketing Through Twitter
Marketing Through Twitter

If your brand is on Twitter, then understanding how it functions is necessary for success in marketing and advertising campaigns. For example: if someone says something negative about one of our products or services, we can respond immediately with an apology rather than waiting until later when they’ve forgotten all about what was said previously

The Pieces of a Twitter Business Profile

Your Twitter profile is a way to keep your followers updated on everything you’re doing, so it’s important that every aspect of the profile work together.

From choosing an appropriate username and handle through adding creative content, there are many ways to make sure the account reflects who you are or what your business does well.

The contents of your twitter business profile are:

  • handle
  • display name
  • profile picture
  • header image
  • bio
  • a pinned tweet.

Learn the Twitter Lingo

Twitter is a way for companies to connect with their followers, but it can be difficult to understand. Here are some of the more common terms you’ll need in order make an impact on Twitter:

  • @ – Mention other users
  • Timeline (or home timeline) – This displays the tweets of anyone you’re following, and anything they share/retweet.
  • Block – You can block and unblock certain users with unfavorable content.
  • # (hashtag) – Displays similar topics needed to push your business to the front page for other users
  • Follow – Following a user allows you to see their tweets at any time, these will show up in your timeline.
  • Direct messages (DM) – Directly message any user
  • Like – As a business, you want as many likes as possible, it will increase the favorability of your tweet.
  • Retweet – If someone retweets your tweet, it will show up in their timeline. This is a great tactic for growing your small business.

Twitter is an established communication platform for many types of businesses. To make the most out of it, you need to know some common terms with which Twitter users are familiar.

Make Twitter Work for Your Small Business

Use Twitter to find new customers. Engage them on a personal level with the goal of converting potential leads into loyal followers and then turn those followers into paying clients through continual engaging, educational posts that are updated frequently enough so as not to let your audience forget about you!

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When it comes down to business, there is no better way than utilizing social media sites like Twitter in order reach out more easily and quickly connect with people all over the world who have some interest in what you’re selling or making available for purchase.

More Twitter Tips for a Growing Business

Here are some more tips that will help make sure your followers stay engaged with your brand:
-Incorporate tweets into website or blog posts; this way readers have access to both types of information simultaneously
-Tweet while traveling using mobile app so others in same area will see tweet too (this also helps build authentic follower base) -Build engagement by asking questions periodically
-Don’t buy followers, as these accounts aren’t real, and won’t engage with your content or improve your rankings in any way.

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