6 Top Business Trends | 2021


New technology has yet again changed the way we live our lives. These changes are happening quickly and will only grow more rapid as time goes on, like what happened when people became accustomed to digital forms of payment or remote working hours- this is a no brainer considering how fast these trends have grown in recent years!

Top Business Trends
Top Business Trends

1.Expansion of videoconferencing and working remotely

Zoom is a company that was founded in 2011 and went public this year. They’re mostly known for their work during the pandemic, but they provide state-of-the art videoconferencing systems as well. Other companies such as Cisco’s Webex or Microsoft Teams are also providing these types of services to large corporations by facilitating remote work across the globe!

Virtual offices are a great way for distributed teams to replicate the in-person dynamics of working together, and this is especially true if you’re managing remote workers. With these tools, knowledge can be shared more easily across different time zones or geographical locations without any fuss. All communication channels between team members will go through one central hub so that everyone stays on task with no confusion about who’s responsible for what work item.

2.Telehealth and telemedicine

In 2020, we are seeing an increase in remote care and home health options to meet the growing needs of patients. Startups like MDLive, MeMD, iCliniq have been at forefront with creative solutions that will no doubt continue into 2021. In addition to telehealth services becoming more commonplace across industries; biotech advances and machine learning opportunities (like Suki AI), show great promise for diagnosis support as well as administrative work load reduction from 2021 onward giving way for robotic healthcare treatment options!

In 2020 there has been a surge in startups providing innovative ways to provide medical care remotely or through one’s own home which is addressing some major unmet needs among Americans today – specifically those who may not be able to afford traditional hospitalization

3.E-learning and remote education

Technology has become so prevalent that it’s no surprise to see schools and colleges taking advantage of the latest inventions for teaching. Videoconferencing is a great way to have students interact with lectures without having them move from one location. This method can be especially handy when natural disasters or other catastrophes force people out of their home areas, as they will still be able to keep up with coursework by accessing these classes online if necessary!

It was recommended by many institutions for them to pursue a portion of their curriculum online even after everything returns back to normal.

4.Contactless shipping and delivery remain as the new normal 

Delivery methods are changing. Recently, no-contact delivery has become the new normal for many companies like DoorDash and Postmates who cater to this need from their customers by offering dropoff services as well.

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Companies in the U.S. are using robotics and artificial intelligence-based programs to combat this problem, as these advances have been able offer better health care solutions than most other countries can provide for their citizens

5.Augmented reality (AR) and Virtual reality (VR) technologies

Augmented reality and virtual reality have grown significantly in 2020, with some businesses even replacing their storefronts with digital projections of themselves.

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Augmented Reality (AR) has been the main focus for most companies developing these technologies so far as it is used to overlay images on real-life surroundings while using a device that provides information about products or services without requiring any type of physical interaction from customers. With VR technology being still considered more expensive than AR devices despite not needing additional equipment to view immersion content, there are only limited options available at this point – such as video games where players can interact remotely through simulated environments rather than physically connect in real life via an avatar; movies which use 360° cameras that allow viewers to experience scenes by watching them unfold.

6. Autonomous driving

In 2021, we’ll be able to drive a car without ever having touched the steering wheel.

In less than five years as of 2018 and for only $100 in parts your vehicle can become completely autonomous Improved self-driving cars are already available on select highways but by 2021 you won’t even need one anymore!


Many new behaviors will become the norm in 2021, helping drive major technological and business innovations. The old normal is outdated as it’s time to make way for a more progressive society with innovation galore that has been waiting long enough!